Build 169



Cloud Foundry

Added health-check indicators for PCF applications.


Added broker lag calculation support.

Nginx tracing preview 0.7.0

Added compatibility check enforcing the OpenTracing module from Instana. Details:

LogDNA Logging integration

In addition to Humio and Splunk, we now also support integration into LogDNA from Instana. See more information here.


  • New tags available in Application Perspectives: 

    • Kubernetes tags: kubernetes.cluster.managedBy and kubernetes.cluster.distribution.
    • Cri-o tags:,,, and crio.label.
    • Generic container tags:,,, and container.label.
  • Application perspective creation: filters on tags, and infrastructure tags such as agent.tag or can now be applied to the source of the call.
  • Built-in service mapping rules: rules based on cluster tags now take precedence over rules based on single-entity tags (e.g. {} over {})
  • New memory metrics available Linux host: Swap free and total, memory in buffers cache, cached and available memory.
  • Jenkins: support for instance running in a container.
  • Metric drop detection: sudden and complete drop detectors yield fewer false positives when the metric is very sparse.
  • Host search improvement in Splunk integration: when the hostname in Instana is a shorter version of the hostname in Splunk.
  • Container based agents can now be configured to report to multiple backends. Details: here.


  • Fixed pagination of “Infrastructure” lists for Services in the Application Perspectives product area.
  • Nginx/Envoy tracing preview 0.7.0: Several fixes for more reliable, faster agent connection, compatibility, better debugging and logging.

  • Built-in event: Unreachable cassandra nodes is now working as expected.
  • Instana OpenAPI specification document fixes related to GET and PUT endpoint of Custom event specification.


  • Nginx/Envoy tracing preview: libinstana_sensor < 0.7.0