Build 153



Microsoft BizTalk Monitoring

A new sensor has been released along with the respective backend capabilities to monitor BizTalk. This is a first release, focusing on BizTalk hosts and their processing pipeline.


Design Improvements

With this release the design of the top-level navigation, time selector and infrastructure dashboards is overhauled. This is the first of many steps to achieve better user interface consistency and usability.

The top-level navigation is turned into an expandable sidebar to clear up confusing navigation patterns and to make room for new capabilities that are released in the next months. As part of this we also improved presentation of the configured time. The configured time previously required a lot of room and was not always easy to read. This is now a lot better. Lastly the infrastructure dashboards were visually changed to be similar to the application and website monitoring dashboards.

infrastructure map with the new top-level navigation

New visuals for the infrastructure dashboards


  • Maintenance windows become effective immediately (if they are active at the current point of time) when they are created (both through UI and API). Previously Maintenance windows would have to be scheduled at least 4 minutes in advance.
  • When configuring custom events for endpoints one can now define events independently for synthetic and regular endpoints by selecting corresponding metric KPIs. Also built-in event rules for synthetic and regular endpoints were separated.


  • “Unspecified” service: Fix broken links to endpoint dashboards.
  • Dynamic Focus: The types application and endpoint are now listed in the suggestions for entity.type and entity.selfType.
  • Dynamic Focus: The event.type:change query matches only the change events, excluding online and offline events.


  • The Instana agent AMI on Amazon Web Services is deprecated and will no longer be updated. All the use-cases it covered are now better served with the Instana agent One-Liner installation method, in conjunction with the AWS EC2 User data functionality. Users of the Instana agent AMI do not need to switch immediately, it will continue to work, but switching is encouraged: for more information, head over to the Installing the Agent on AWS documentation.

  • The Instana agent helm chart hosted on instana/instana-agent-helm-chart has been deprecated in favor of helm/charts/stable/instana-agent.