Build 152



Docker container info

With this release, it is possible to view complete Docker container info for each container. The info is similar to docker inspect command output.

Jenkins sensor

Instana now automatically discovers and monitors Jenkins, the leading open-source automation server. Read more about our Jenkins support.

Internal calls

Calls will be created from SDK intermediate spans and their endpoint type are marked as “Internal”. This feature is useful if you need to add additional information such as custom tags to the trace by sending intermediate spans through the Trace SDK. The calls and the tags are searchable in the Analyze View but will not contribute to the dashboard KPIs.

SAML IdP-initiated login

From this release on we also support IdP-initiated login. This allows users to select Instana from their IdP-specific selection screen and log them in directly. This doesn’t require any reconfiguration so existing SAML-configurations won’t have to be updated to use this.


  • Issue Severity: The severity of an issue remains at the maximum level that was reached during its lifetime and is therefore never decreased
  • Disk Capacity Detector: The issue of a disk with critical remaining capacity stays open even though the disk stops filling up or is out of capacity
  • If the parent span of an entry span is not present while a trace is processed, a call will still be created from the entry span instead of being discarded. For example, an SDK entry span is child of a jdbc exit span, when both spans are present when the trace is processed, one call will be created out of the two spans. Otherwise, one call will be created from the entry span and eventually another call will be created from the exit span.


  • Python Sensor: Asynqp: Update and use the TEXT_MAP propagator
  • Python Sensor: Handle Server-Timing headers manually
  • Python Sensor: Asynqp: Support routing_key from named arg
  • Python Sensor: Asynqp: Protect against short tuples
  • Solr Sensor: Fixed an issue with collecting metrics regarding number of requests and cache (Solr version 4 and later)
  • Rollup Calculation: The error rate for Applications, Services and Endpoints shown in event details do now consider the distribution in calls
  • Dynamic Focus Query: Support querying on StatsD custom metrics when creating a Custom Event
  • Chart legend colors are now in sync with the colors shown in the tooltip when filtering metrics
  • Nginx Sensor: Fixed parser for map directive
  • AWS Sensors: Added self-recovery for missing IAM profile