Build 151



Single-Page Application (SPA) Insights for End-User Monitoring

This release enriches our website end-user monitoring capabilities with single-page application (SPA) insights. It’s now possible to track page transitions inside SPAs by leveraging our page API. Along with this release comes new terminology to better model the SPA paradigm; please read up on our documentation which explains the new terminology in detail.

New Single-Page Application Metrics

The details view of an issue contains a new “View Built-in Event” or “View Custom Event” link, which directly navigates to its corresponding definition in the Events & Alerts settings. This makes it easier to understand why a particular issue has been created.


We now support OpenShift versions 3.10 and 3.11.

CockroachDB sensor

Instana now automatically discovers and monitors CockroachDB, a distributed cluster SQL database. Read more about our CockroachDB support.


  • The effective connection type is collected in our website end-user monitoring.
  • Analyze View: We added the IS_BLANK and NOT_BLANK operators for filtering key-value tags.
  • Elasticsearch endpoint names for uncommon API operations are not “undefined” anymore.
  • You can use the real Kubernetes service name instead of the container name to name a service, but you will have to opt-in. Customer Success will be glad to help you.
  • Azure sensors can be disabled. Azure services discovery filtering by tags and resource groups can be performed. It is possible to define global filters for all Azure services but it is also possible to override global filters on sensor level.
  • Azure SQL replica databases can be filtered during service discovery.
  • Go Sensor: Simplified HTTP client tracing: New Helper HTTP HandleFunc: docs
  • Python Sensor: Asyncio: Optionally carry context along with Tasks; Configurable
  • Python Sensor: Stability and determinism improvements
  • Application Configuration: Applications configured with expression agent.tag equals something is redefined as agent.tag.something is present, the semantics remain the same.


  • Application perspective: Fixed broken dependency map links between services due to presence of intermediate spans.
  • Analyze View: Fixed searching with key-value pair tags with a single value.
  • Python Sensor: aiohttp: Explicitly set scope to None when not tracing
  • Python Sensor: Asyncio & Asynqp Cleanup, Tests and Minor Improvements
  • WebHook and Splunk alert channel: Added missing entityLabel field in the generated alerts.