Build 149



New Python Logging Instrumentation

With this release, log message of level WARN or higher are now reported to your Instana dashboard. You can even drill-down into the stack trace if one was reported with the log.

Python Logging in Dashboard

Improved control of your AWS services

With recent changes to our monitoring of the AWS services you can now specify deeper which and how often you want to poll AWS’s API for metrics. To further configure the Instana Agent, just jump to the Agent configuration file and add the sections documented here.

Amazon MQ

Instana now automatically discovers and monitors Amazon MQ instances. Read more about our AWS support


  • Agent Management: Display sensors list
  • DynamoDB: Calls to DynamoDB are mapped to the “dynamodb” service and to endpoints which get their names from table names
  • Elasticsearch: Calls to an Elasticsearch node are mapped to a service named after the cluster instead of the node.
  • Host: Added open files metrics
  • MongoDB: Replica set grouping by replica set name and primary member name
  • Python: Use /proc/net/route to determine default gateway
  • Python: Use unsigned base 16 IDs internally & update tests
  • Python: API Client improvements
  • Python: Send Server-Timing in response headers for EUM correlation
  • Python: Centralize boot logic and include singletons
  • Python: Only update working_set when loaded into live process
  • Process: Added open files metrics
  • Spark application: Added support for 2.3.x and 2.4.x versions of spark applications


  • Python: Respect INSTANA_SERVICE_NAME env var consistently
  • Python: Capture and scrub outgoing http query params
  • Python: Assure Response headers are returned under all conditions