Build 147



Increase retention time for 1s-rollups to 24h

We have increased the retention time of 1s rollups from 10 minutest to 24 hours for all SaaS customers.

All metrics will be avilable this way, both via API and the Instana UI.

We simplified analyzing calls that relate to an application, service or endpoint issue. An “Analyze Calls” button was added to the details page of an issue which navigates to the Analyze dashboard with all useful filters already set.

Issue Analyze Calls Link

AWS DynamoDB health rules

Added two health rules for critical reads and writes consumed/provisioned ratio.


  • Support for Kubernetes 1.11, 1.12, 1.13
  • More efficient AWS metrics gathering. Please change the permission from cloudwatch:GetMetricStatistics to cloudwatch:GetMetricData.
  • Configurable polling intervals for AWS services. See individual AWS services for details: e.g. DynamoDB, ElastiCache or RDS.