Build 145

December 5, 2018


Synthetic Endpoints

Calls to synthetic endpoints (e.g. health checks) can now be ignored from service and application KPIs. Instana will automatically detect most of these endpoints, but additional endpoints can be manually configured. Documentation can be found here.

Azure Storage Service

Instana now supports monitoring of Azure Storage service. Documentation can be found here.


Instana now supports monitoring of AWS Elastic Block Storage. Documentation can be found here.


  • Top process history: Added possibility to view snapshot of top processes for any given date up to 1 month.
  • Python: Asynqp Improved consume support
  • Incidents closing time: Incidents are closed together with the issue which has triggered the incident.
  • Issue correlation in incidents: Issues on clusters are correlated into incidents triggered on the services backed up by the broken clusters.
  • Dynamic Focus: Filtering by entity.application/service/ matches all infrastructure entities (excluding k8s entities) where the given application/service/endpoint is running as well as all events on those entities.
  • AWS sensors: Added RDS Aurora Volume Bytes Used metric

Other Features

  • Node.js: Instrument Bunyan.
  • Node.js: Instrument Winston.
  • Node.js: Instrument Pino.
  • Node.js: Instrument amqplib (RabbitMQ tracing).
  • Python: New Redis instrumentation
  • Python: Add support for HTTP secrets (documentation)
  • Python: Initial RPC span type support for eventual grpcio instrumentation


  • Application Perspective: Fixed inconsistency between different rollup values in the processing time chart.
  • Analyze View: Fixed filtering traces with call tags using NOT operators returning unexpected result.
  • Python: Fix redundant import with Asynqp
  • Python: Version limit redis until the just released 3.0 is supported
  • Python: Secrets: Maintain query param order across Python versions
  • Python: Improve Asynqp instrumentation; Better context management; Limit Py versions >=3.4…<3.7
  • Python: Don’t report null values in JSON payloads
  • Custom issues: Fixed custom issues not triggering due to too many simultaneous open issues.
  • MongoDB plugin: Fixed MongoDB replica set metric.
  • Issue detection on applications, services and endpoints: Improved performance of issue detection on KPIs.
  • Issues triggered over events API in the agent: Alerts on issues triggered through Agent Event API are enriched with FQDN, docker labels and other relevant information.
  • Dynamic Focus: Fixed event.entity.label search keyword not working with wild card queries.
  • Byte counts will now use the correct unit prefix, e.g. MiB instead of MB

Package Based Release

Jan 23, 2018