Build 143

October 18, 2018

Analyze Traces

Traces are now available to analyze in addition to calls. You can apply filtering and grouping and jump to a trace detail view for further analysis.

Error and Log Messages

Call error messages and log messages are now exposed for applications, services and endpoints.

More Application Perspectives Features

  • Issues are now automatically detected at the endpoint-level, and custom rule/issue configuration has been extended to endpoints
  • Service mapping for Tomcat and JBoss based on deployments (HTTP and EJB calls)
  • Tags can now be combined with both AND/OR when defining applications full description.

Other Features

Google Chat integration

You can now send alerts to Google Chat. Check out the full description.

Ruby Resque Instrumentation

Resque is a popular background job processing system for Ruby applications. With the Ruby 1.9.0 gem, get full visibility into Job queueing, metrics, tracing, error tracking and dependency analysis.

Ruby Resque Trace

Google Bigtable Instrumentation

Bigtable is a petabyte-scale, fully managed NoSQL database service for large analytical and operational workloads. Added tracing for queries of the HBase client for Java.

Google Cloud Bigtable Trace

Vert.x Redis Instrumentation

Vert.x-Redis is the Redis client to be used with Vert.x.

Vert.x Redis Trace

Python RabbitMQ Instrumentation

We now provide visibility into Python RabbitMQ calls made with the asynqp client.

Python Asynqp messages

New & Improved CodeView for Ruby & Python applications

Ruby & Python CodeView has been updated to work best with the new Application Perspectives.

Ruby CodeView

NGINX Plus Sensor

NGINX Plus is a software load balancer, web server, and content cache built on top of open source NGINX. Now access additional metrics for the plus version like 5xx responses and offline upstream peers.

Nginx Plus Dashboard


  • SAML

    • Multi tenant support
    • Download of SAML Metadata XML for IdP
    • Upload of SAML Metadata XML from IdP
    • bidirectional signatures of the AuthN Request
  • Amazon EC2 Name tags are now used to name hosts. See the EC2 tags section to learn more about how to collect EC2 tags.

Sample EC2 Name tag being used

  • Host Sensor:

    • Hot-reloading filesystems and NFS mounts configuration.
    • Added ability to extract installed packages on Debian based Linux systems.
  • Python Sensor: Improved host communications - lighter weight; better error handling

  • Ruby Sensor: Better Rails initialization

  • Ruby Sensor: Span Reporting: Don’t report nils

  • Kubernetes Sensor: Added Namespaces support (including resource quotas)

  • Hazelcast Sensor: Added operation count and connected clients

  • Hazelcast Sensor: Added capacity of event queue

  • OracleDb Sensor: Added support for remote monitoring

  • PHP Sensor: Improved detection for mod_php

  • PHP Sensor: calls made via the official Elasticsearch client now show up as Elasticsearch spans

  • Tomcat Sensor: Added health issues for sudden drop and increase of number of session

  • UI: Numbers are now formatted according to users’ preferred locale (preferred locale defined in the browser). To change it back to the old behavior, i.e. to enforce an en-US format, enable the Format numbers in en-US format setting within the user interface’s settings dialog.

  • Website Monitoring: The ID of the current page load is now accessible.

  • Dynamic Focus for endpoints: Issues and infrastructure related to endpoints can be searched/filtered by Dynamic Focus using queries like"GET /articles"


When multiple entity.application, entity.service, entity.endpoint Dynamic Focus keywords are used together, they can only be joined by the OR operator. E.g. The queries AND, NOT, are no longer permissible.

Please check Alerting Configurations under Alerting section and Custom Issues under Knowledge Base section in Settings for any deprecated queries and update them.


  • Ruby Sensor: Add safety and avoid triggering DB connections when unknown adapter in use
  • Ruby Sensor: Support call style for the instantiated tracer
  • Ruby Sensor: Update stack reporting key
  • Ruby Sensor: Delay announce on boot; Fix header reference
  • Hazelcast Sensor: Fixed a performance issue in the cluster safe state monitoring
  • PHP Sensor: fixes a bug with predis connection objects when using clusters
  • PHP Sensor: fixes segfaults when using mpm_worker/ZTS on PHP 7.x
  • PHP Sensor: fixes interleaving batches showing as concurrent spans