Build 141

September 6, 2018

Application Perspectives Tags

After the introduction of Application Perspectives we are continuing to release new vital features. Most notably we are releasing tag suggestions which significantly improve working with Application Perspectives and Analyzing Calls. Additionally, we have added new tags for the creation of Application Perspectives like, and

More Application Perspectives Features

  • Application Perspectives: Default application showing all services receiving calls
  • Application Perspectives: Handling of ‘late spans’ so they become visible and searchable in the calls view
  • Application Perspectives: Improved several of the default ‘service rules’ to create better named services

Other Features

  • Custom metrics (eg. Dropwizard, JMX or StatsD) can now be used in custom rules definition
  • Python & Ruby Sensor: Support Custom Header collection. See the documentation for details on how to specify custom headers to be collected.
  • Java Sensor: Added Support for Async Servlet API, Scalatra, Neo4J tracing and Novell LDAP driver
  • New Hazelcast Server Sensor
  • New Neo4j Server Sensor


  • Python Sensor: Snapshot reporting: Better version extraction
  • Python Sensor: Better Fork detection & handling
  • Python Sensor: pkg_resources: Add discovery support and add safeties
  • Python Sensor: Better boot behavior; Respect load dynamics
  • JBoss EJB tracing will now capture exceptions
  • Apache CXF Tracing will capture WSDL urls
  • Solr Sensor: Support Solr 7.x
  • Kubernetes Sensor now has greatly reduced memory and CPU usage for large clusters. If you gave the agent more memory, you can revert that now.
  • Improved support for monitoring newer OpenJ9 JVMs
  • Custom rules can be now defined on the custom metrics, such as Dropwizard, JMX or StatsD
  • When a service or an application suffers a drop to zero in requests, a new issue with a title “Complete drop in the number of requests” and severity CRITICAL is triggered. In case there is a drop but the service is still being called, an issue “Sudden drop in requests” with severity WARNING is triggered.


  • Application Perspectives: application creation based on multi-value tags such as host.tag
  • Python Sensor: Django: Store scope on the request object
  • Ruby Sensor: Add support for common configuration (standard environment variables)
  • StatsD Sensor: Fixes problem where it could no longer update under high load
  • Solr Sensor: Fixes locale dependent parsing problems