Build 139

July 9, 2018


  • New: Splunk downstream integration
  • New: OpenShift 3.7 support
  • New: Kubernetes 1.7 support
  • New: AWS S3 support
  • New: Python REST API Client – access your data from Python!
  • New: Support recording of user-configurable HTTP headers in HTTP client and server instrumentation in Node.js
  • New: Automatically track HTTP requests initiated within web browsers via the fetch API.
  • New: Extended error tracking to get more insights into Script Errors. Requires manual opt-in.
  • New: OpsGenie’s European service region can now be configured for integrations.


  • Node.js Sensor: Correctly manage tracing context in ioredis instrumentation
  • Node.js Sensor: Abort HTTP requests to the agent on timeouts
  • Node.js Sensor: Include reporting PID in agent logs
  • Node.js Sensor: Include additional debugging data in log when data transmission to agent fails
  • Python Sensor: Improved Logger Naming & Formatting (thanks @arnulfojr!)
  • Python Sensor: Smarter, better, easier Django initialization
  • RabbitMQ queue filling alerting
  • WebLogic v12 support and metrics improvements
  • The trace view will now differentiate between the following two states for HTTP spans: “no query parameters recorded” and “the HTTP request did not contain any query parameters”.
  • MongoDb Replica Set Grouping (and replica set metrics)


  • Httpd Sensor: fixed a issue with certain config files being unreadable in containers
  • Httpd Sensor: will now ignore busybox httpd
  • Node.js Sensor: Fix OpenTracing baggage when using getCurrentlyActiveInstanaSpanContext
  • Node.js Sensor: Protect spans from accidental retransmission
  • Node.js Sensor: Fix: HTTP client instrumentation does not correctly interpret HTTP client timeouts
  • PHP Sensor: improved detection of httpds running mod_php
  • PHP Sensor: closed a possible gap between sending and acceptance of traces causing spurious services
  • PHP Sensor: fixed an issue with symlinked FPM configs in docker containers being unreadable
  • PHP Sensor: fixed wrong PHP version displayed in traces
  • Python Sensor: Add OpenShift note on exposing the host IP
  • Python Sensor: Remove debug message that may cause errors in certain version of Python
  • Metric retrieval is now more reliable in cases where a lot of metrics are shown, e.g. within large tables.
  • Long dynamic focus queries will no longer push the filter and save button off screen.
  • MongoDb connection issues fixed
  • Spark chart tooltip fixed
  • Java thread dump fixed
  • OpsGenie region configuration
  • Kubernetes namespace as tag for app definition
  • Host tags without equal sign can now be used for app definition
  • Fixed charts in config view