Build 134

8 February 2018


Hipchat Integration

There’s now another alerting integration to take advantage of with the introduction of our Hipchat support.

More Node.js Visibility

The Node.js language sensor now provides insight into Redis (redis & ioredis packages) and MySQL (mysql2 package). The language sensor has also been licensed under the MIT License.

AWS X-Ray (Technology Preview)

We’ve added the ability to ingest AWS X-Ray traces into Instana as a Technology Preview. Read more about our AWS support


  • Go Sensor: Add EUM Snippet generator
  • Node.js Sensor: Update Server-Timing response header in HTTP instrumentation to format of latest spec version
  • Node.js Sensor: Include details about uncaught errors in express handlers
  • Node.js Sensor: Support HTTPS server tracing
  • Node.js Sensor: Add batch (pipeline) support for Redis
  • Python Sensor: A more reliable way to determine true command line on OSX
  • Python Sensor: EUM Helper & Tests
  • Python Sensor: More resilient snapshot collection
  • Python Sensor: Centralize & simplify service naming
  • Support macromedia sqlserver jdbc urls
  • Improve service extraction for traces where an entry span is directly followed by another entry span
  • Connect ldap services with underlying OpenLDAP infrastructure process based on IP and port
  • Percentile metrics over different window sizes can be used in custom rules
  • Apache Spark: Added support for monitoring spark standalone cluster manager
  • New API endpoint: Retrieve unique entity types using dynamic focus query and time


  • Node.js Sensor: Call sequences are not recoded when using Redis
  • Node.js Sensor: Exclude exec call from Redis instrumentation sub commands
  • Node.js Sensor: HTTP tracing will report incorrect path in case of express.js router usage
  • Node.js Sensor: Node.js <=4.5.0 can have Buffer.from, but it does not accept a string. Thanks @libozh!
  • Node.js Sensor: Support announce to agent even when the Node.js process is renamed
  • Python Sensor: Hook lower in urllib3 for greater coverage
  • Python Sensor: Cleanup runtime initialization
  • Python Sensor: Deprecate instana.tracer.init()
  • Python Sensor: Urllib3: Respect tracing state
  • Ruby Sensor: Fix Net HTTP instrumentation can close wrong span (thanks @nguyenquangminh0711!)
  • Ruby Sensor: Fix Opentracing tag & log storage in span