Build 131

09 November 2017


Agent Installer for Windows

The agent is now available as an installer for Windows, which takes care of the required .NET pre-requisites and registers the agent as a service.

Usage API endpoint

We’ve added a new API endpoint to expose your environment usage for management purposes.

Custom JavaScript Error Reporting

We automatically capture uncaught JavaScript errors within the browser and make them available within the websites section of Instana. Today we are extending our EUM solution to allow you to report errors which you or your frameworks and libraries are capturing. Usage is simple:

try {
  // some fragile code
} catch (e) {
  ineum('reportError', e);


  • The infrastructure map now loads much faster. It shows an abstraction of the inner inventory on higher zoom levels, and the concrete inventory when zooming into the map and/or over the hosts tooltip.
  • The MongoDB dashboard got a small overhaul and more sensible metric presentations.
  • We switched the position of the service and infrastructure elements within the trace view to account for their respective significance.
  • HTTP status codes can now be used for service extraction.
  • The dynamic focus input field got some small improvements so that typing in queries feels more natural.
  • Saving and accessing dynamic focus filters has been improved.

Improved dynamic focus

  • WebApps have been renamed to web services.
  • The Docker CPU metric now follows the same algorithm as the Docker CLI.
  • PHP Services running on Apache with mod_php show now up in the Apache Sidebar
  • DB2 calls traced via PHP will now result in database services.
  • PHP infrastructure is now also included when running PHP in Docker containers
  • Stacked area charts are now rendered even when a data series is missing values.
  • The PHP sensor now supports a notificationScript that is triggered whenever the sensor is updated.
  • Greatly improved Play 2 tracing support that now captures way more styles of registering http handlers.
  • Java tracing can now handle much higher load with the same memory usage on the agent process.
  • PHP config data is now showing in parent dashboards
  • Go Sensor: Improved Recorder: better queue locking & management #46
  • Go Sensor: Improved log output: Less noise; proper log levels. #45
  • Node.js Sensor: Added Request query capture & reporting #13


  • Event detail panes are closable even when no event is selected.
  • Clicking on a health indicator will now correctly encode IDs and thus result in valid dynamic focus entries.
  • span.erroneous and trace.erroneous are now working again.
  • Trace search now works for URLs, e.g. span.http.url.
  • Navigating to traces from website monitoring errors could result in errors, and now work in all cases.
  • PHP tracing extension will no longer cause 400 - Bad Request on some CURL calls
  • Monitoring certain Weblogic Servers did not work. Now it does.
  • Custom JMX values containing a # can now be monitored.
  • The containerized agent can now read filesystems even when /etc/mtab is a symlink.
  • Incidents are triggered as configured on entity going offline detection rules.
  • Search for longer running traces now works with entities-related queries.
  • Wild cards and phrase queries are working when filtering events by problem text.
  • Wild card queries using ? symbol are working as expected.
  • Python Sensor: Fixed Instana context HTTP headers prefix #28
  • Python Sensor: OpenTracing Propagators now support all forms of Instana Headers #29
  • Python Sensor: Protect against byte based JSON #31
  • Go Sensor: Report Go version in snapshot #44
  • Ruby Sensor: Fix latest Redis & GRPC gem support #103
  • Metric rollups for services with very infrequent requests are now created correctly.