Build 127

11 July 2017


Message flyout system

There are several events created when using the Instana UI. For example when changing the timeline state, copying something to the clipboard, or when the connection to the backend is lost. These events are now aggregated and are served as a message flyout from the top-right corner of the UI.


Newly Supported Technologies

  • Monitoring of Liferay Portal Server
  • Monitoring of Varnish MSE extension
  • Monitoring of Spark

    • Batch applications
    • Jobs
    • Stages
    • Longest completed stages
    • Executors
    • Streaming applications
    • Batching
    • Scheduling delay
    • Total delay
    • Processing time
    • Output operations
    • Input records
    • Receivers
    • Executors
  • Tracing across GRPC in Java and Ruby
  • Finagle, Aerospike and Tabex tracing in Java


  • Performance improvements for the application map
  • Performance improvements when showing host/SIM usage in UMP
  • The agent one-liner now checks for su privileges
  • The UI settings now have a dedicated save button

ui settings

  • The search input for the dynamic focus is now always visible to the user
  • The hosts process top list in the dashboard now serves the deepest entity in the graph so that the user can directly detect the causing technology.

process top list

  • In the service extraction configurations, it’s now possible to clone a rule by using a shortcut button without editing the JSON by hand. The cloned rule can be found in the corresponding list with the same name plus “_CLONE” at the end. It is also disabled by default.


  • The incidents table view now enables filtering by issues and changes in order to improve event exploration.


  • Docker memory rule is now more reliably catching containers that go out of memory very fast
  • Host sensor can be configured to monitor additional network filesystems
  • Improved automatic discovery of memcached and etcd listen ports
  • Spring boot sensor parses build-info file
  • Jersey exception mapper status codes are now respected by java tracing
  • If javascript is deactivated in the browser, we now show a message


  • Batch services are not showing correctly on the application map
  • Fixed invalid etcd leader health check on single node etcd
  • Fixed display problems in UMP when copying the one-liner
  • Scrolling into the map is now the same speed in every browser
  • Mysql wait states have been occasionally missing. We found them.

Known Issues