License Activation and Renewal

NOTE: Your browser will be redirected to the Instana Cloud during this process. Please ensure that you have an Internet connection. The connection is only necessary for the browser, and not the Instana backend itself. The backend needs no internet connection during this process.

License Activation

To activate your On-Premises license, you need to open up your profile and go to the Management Portal:


Then navigate to the license tab:

license tab

If there is no license active at the moment, the screen below will display. Please click on “Activate License:”

license activation

You will be redirected to the Instana Cloud and will see this dialogue with your license ID filled. Please accept the Terms of Service and click on “Activate:”

license activation

We check the license ID and automatically generate the license key:

license key

Your license key will be presented with the valid time range. After 10 seconds, you will be redirected back to your On-Premises management portal with the license filled in and activated. Please do not interrupt the redirection. In addition, the license details are sent via email to the primary contact just in case the redirection failed.

License Renewal

If you navigate to the license tab in your On-Premises management portal, you can review the license at any time and activate a new one. Please contact sales in order to change your license. The process activation of a new license is the same as described above.

license renewal

You will be informed before your license expires. After expiration, Instana stops accepting new data. However, you will still be able to access your old data.