On Premises Environment with Application Perspectives

Upgrading from classic on-prem is not supported.
Package URLs changed and this version has different resource requirements.
Please contact our support team for further help.

Users wanting to operate Instana’s service quality engine can install it on premises, or on-prem for short. The functionality between either SaaS or on prem is exactly the same because the code base never changes. However, do take into consideration that the backend must be sized properly in order to effectively deploy an on prem environment. Do not worry, we will assist if any problems happen to come up. Please contact us to get the needed credentials to deploy Instana on-prem.

Once you have contacted us, we also have these resources that help guide users through the installation itself:

Instead of Instana’s built-in authorization, on-prem installations can use LDAP.

Once Instana is deployed on your server, you need to activate your license and then you are good to go.

Supported Operating Systems

We support the following Linux distributions to run the Instana Backend-Platform on:

  • Ubuntu 16.04
  • Debian 8.x
  • RedHat 7.2+
  • CentOS 7.x
  • Amazon Linux 2.x

Keeping existing configuration

We support keeping your configuration items and users while switching from Build 140 (classic) to Build 143 (Application Perspectives).

  1. Dump database on source host

    /opt/mongodb/bin/mongodump --out /mnt/backup/
  2. Copy dump directory to target host
  3. Restore database on target host

    /opt/mongodb/bin/mongorestore --drop /mnt/backup/