Getting Started

Instana is a fully automatic application performance monitoring solution that makes it easy to see the exact, real-time health of your application, hosts, and processes. This is necessary knowledge when it comes to preventing potentially fatal crashes to your infrastructure. With Instana you can know, for example, if your checkout function is on the verge of failing, be aware of excessive CPU steal time, or check the call response time. Instana is built for easy use, deployment, and maintenance, providing a stress free, automatic, real-time evaluation of your application’s status.

After provisioning a backend environment you will be able to install the agent, either automatically or manually. Both of these highly automated technologies work together to provide the user with the valuable performance metrics that enable a thorough understanding of application health at a glance. Instana’s backend is a proprietary solution built on an open source technology foundation that can be deployed either on SaaS or on Premises. Unlike other APM’s, Instana actually only has one agent. It accomplishes this by packaging different sensors into the agent that are built to interact with specific technologies like Apache Tomcat. The agent detects what is on the system and deploys the correct sensor to gather metrics for shipping to the backend.

There are two installation options available: SaaS and On Premises.

SaaS Provision

Instana’s backend is a robust, proprietary technology built on an open-source foundation. Simply put, it ingests application data from the agent, automatically runs root cause identification, and persists that status into a meaningful model for user presentation.

Obtaining a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) environment to run the Backend is a straightforward process: simply go to Instana’s website, click on “Free Trial,” and talk to the Sales Team, who will provision a SaaS environment for use.

On Premises

Teams wanting to operate Instana’s service quality engine can install it on premises. The functionality between either SaaS or on prem is exactly the same because the code base never changes. Head over to the On Prem docs to learn more.

Agent Setup

The Instana Agent automatically takes care of discovery, monitoring, and self-upgrading, all within the client application. There is only ever one agent per server, which in turn uses different sensors to monitor the specific technology. To get started with agent installation, head over to the agent setup documentation.

Next Steps

Once your environment is setup and agent(s) installed, here are a few suggestions: