Installing the Agent in a Containerized Environment

Quick Install

The agent container image is available in the public Docker Hub. Its installation differs depending on the scheduling / orchestration being used. Please note that the container needs to run in a privileged mode, allowing it to see host-specific metrics.

What kind of containerized environment do you have?

You can also install the agent directly on the Linux Host, for example, if you have a specific image for your worker machines:

Installation via Custom Containers

While the agent container provided by Instana will get you started quickly, it does not offer all the configuration options a regular agent download has.

For users who want to build their own, fully customized, Agent container, here are some guidelines:

  • The Instana Agent container is based off alpine:3.7 - a minimal Linux distribution. Other supported OS work as well.
  • If running alpine, add glibc support to it.
  • Add docker support to the container.
  • Extract a JDK into the container. The Instana Agent container uses the Azul Zulu JVM.
  • You can also use a preconfigured Linux with Java, like alpine with Oracle by
  • Download the agent as described in Manual Agent Installation.
  • Extract and configure it in the container.

    • To support standard container logging integration, the file logging should be deactivated and console logging activated.
  • Run the agent with: exec /instana-agent/bin/karaf daemon.
  • By using exec + the daemon flag, the process will correctly handle the restart signals.

Easy configuration override

    FROM instana/agent

    COPY my-configuration.yaml /root/configuration.yaml
    COPY my-mvn-settings.xml.tmpl /root/mvn-settings.xml.tmpl
    COPY com.instana.agent.main.sender.Backend.cfg.tmpl /root/com.instana.agent.main.sender.Backend.cfg.tmpl
    docker build -t myrepro/newagent .
    docker push myrepro/newagent:devtag

For reference, here are links to the github docker projects that Instana utilizes to build its docker agents: