Agent Sensors

The Instana Agent performs its monitoring function of the various client technologies by deploying Sensors into the system infrastructure. These sensors are custom built to best monitor their specified technology. A list of Instana’s currently supported tech is below.

The sensors generally gather specific types of data about their respective technologies. It can vary depending on the technology, but in general there are three primary data sets collected by the sensors. Any data types outside of these three will be explained as they occur in their sensor page.

  • Tracked Configuration: detects current infrastructure states in order to keep track of any change an incident or issue may cause;
  • Metrics: qualitative attributes of the technology that indicate performance;
  • Health Signatures: real time attributes of the specific entity integrated with the sensor’s technology.

Please let us know if you need more insight into any of these, or if we do not support your specific technology. We will work on adding it in future builds!