Supported Versions

Currently supported versions are: 10gR3, 11gR1, 12cR1 and 12cR2.

Sensor (Data Collection)

Tracked Configuration

  • Name
  • Version
  • Port
  • State
  • Activation time
  • Web Deployments (max. 150)
  • Thread Pool
  • Datasources (max. 150)
  • JMS Destinations (max. 150)


Web Deployments

Metric Description
Context Root Returns the context root (context path) for the web application
Status Provides the status of the component
Session Timeout Provides the timeout configured for HTTP sessions
Active Sessions Provides a count of the current total number of open sessions in this module. Returns the current total number of open sessions in this component
Created Sessions Provides a count of the total number of sessions opened

Thread Pool

Metric Description
Idle Threads The number of idle threads in the pool. This count does not include standby threads and stuck threads. The count indicates threads that are ready to pick up new work when it arrives
Total Threads The total number of threads in the pool
Hogging Threads The threads that are being held by a request right now. These threads will either be declared as stuck after the configured timeout or will return to the pool before that. The self-tuning mechanism will backfill if necessary
Stand by Threads The number of threads in the standby pool. Threads that are not needed to handle the present work load are designated as standby and added to the standby pool. These threads are activated when more threads are needed
Stuck Threads Number of stuck threads in the thread pool (Available Since Release


Metric Description
Name JDBC Data Source name
Available Connections The number of database connections that are currently idle and available to be used by applications in this instance of the data source
Current Active Connections The number of connections currently in use by applications
Connections in Pool The current count of JDBC connections in the connection pool in the data source
Connections Created The cumulative total number of database connections created in this data source since the data source was deployed
Requests Waiting for Connection The number of connection requests waiting for a database connection
Leaked Connections The number of leaked connections. A leaked connection is a connection that was reserved from the data source but was not returned to the data source by calling close()
State The current state of the data source

JMS Destinations

Metric Description
Name JMS destination name
Messages Current Count The current number of messages in the destination. This does not include the pending messages
Messages Pending Count The number of pending messages in the destination. Pending messages are over and above the current number of messages. A pending message is one that has either been sent in a transaction and not committed, or that has been received and not committed or acknowledged
Messages Received Count The number of messages received in this destination since the last reset

Health Signatures

Health Description
Datasource not running The data source has been manually disabled/shutdown or unhealthy (all connections unavailable)