Sensor (Data Collection)

The Instana agent can double as a statsd collector daemon. Just use it instead of a real statsd deamon. Once you send data into it through the standard statsd protocol by any client library, it will show all reported custom metrics on the host dashboard of the host the agent is receiving the data on.


The statsd sensor is an optional sensor which is disabled by default. To be used, it must be enabled via the <agent_install_dir>/etc/instana/configuration.yaml:

# StatsD
    enabled: true
        udp: 8125
        mgmt: 8126
    bind-ip: "" # all ips by default
    flush-interval: 10 # in seconds


Once activated, metrics can be sent via UDP to the configured UDP port in the statsd format. For the format, refer to the official documentation. For example, the following script would increment a counter called hits by one:

echo "hits:1|c" | nc -u -w0 8125