Python Supported Versions


Python Versions
CPython (>=2.7 <3.0) or >=3.3


The Instana Python sensor supports distributed tracing across other Instana instrumented platforms, technologies and languages. It offers automatic tracing of all requests and supports OpenTracing. See the OpenTracing page for more details.

Frameworks Versions
Django >= 1.9
Flask >= 0.12.0

Note: This package also supports all WSGI based frameworks via the Instana WSGI middleware. See Other WSGI Stacks for more details and usage.

Clients Versions
aiohttp >=3.1.0
asynqp >=0.5.1
MySQL-python >= 1.2.5
requests >= 2.16.1
redis >= 2.10.6
SQLAlchemy >= 1.1.5
suds-jurko >= 0.6
urllib3 >= 1.18.1


  • uWSGI
  • Gunicorn
  • mod_wsgi
  • Nginx WSGI

Sensor Data Collection

Tracked Configuration Metrics
Name GC Activity
Runtime Memory Usage
PID Threads
Loaded Modules Paging
Context Switching

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