OS Process

Sensor (Data Collection)

Tracked Configuration

  • PID
  • Executable
  • User
  • Group
  • Arguments


  • Memory
  • CPU Usage
  • Context Switches
  • Open Files Usage (open files current vs max, when available on the Operating System)

Health Signatures

Health Description
CPU Usage Process is causing high CPU usage on host
Open Files Usage Process is opening files faster than it closes them (current vs max ratio exceeds threshold)


Custom Processes

Instana will automatically monitor process metrics of higher level sensors like Java or MySQL by default. Should you want to monitor an OS process which is not covered by Instana automatically, you can configure it like this:

    - 'sshd'
    - 'slapd'

Voluntary and non-voluntary context switches (only supported on Linux hosts)

You can manually enable monitoring of context switches by editing the host’s agent configuration file (/opt/instana/agent/etc/instana/configuration.yaml):

  ctx_switches_enabled: true

OS Process Environment Variables

Instana’s process sensor automatically captures all the environment variables of any monitored process. Because environments often contains sensitive or secret data, the process sensor will take any configured secrets into account when filtering.

More about configuring secrets can be found at Agent Configuration secrets

configuring secrets