Microsoft SQL Server

Sensor (Data Collection)

Tracked Configuration

  • Instances
  • Version


  • Connections and Users
  • Wait Times
  • Reads and Writes
  • Transactions
  • Errors
  • Locks
  • Statistics per database

Top Queries

You will find a section “Top Queries” on the dashboard of your SQL-Server. This table lists the top 50 queries (based on the time consumed by these queries) being issued against the monitored instance. Besides the processed SQL-Statement you will also find indicators for:

  • Total/Last Execution Time
  • Total/Last Worker Time
  • Total/Last Logical Reads
  • Total/Last Logical Writes


When you enable the configuration-section below and provide username and password (please keep in mind, that this is a clear-text password!), the agent will connect to the SQL-Server using SQL-Server authentication. If you leave the configuration-section commented out or leave username and password empty, the agent will try to connect using Windows-Authentication.

In any case, when running multiple SQL-Server instances on the monitored host, make sure that the credentials are valid for all of them.

When using Windows-Authentication, the agent will authenticate with the credentials it is running under, so this account needs to have access to the concerned instances as well.

  user: ''
  password: ''

Required Server/Database Permissions

Since the agent queries the dynamic management views that SQL-Server provides, the user required for authentication needs the appropriate permissions (i.e. VIEW SERVER STATE and VIEW DATABASE STATE). You can find more information on these permissions here: