Supported Versions

Currently supported versions are from 1.0.0 to 1.1.2, including them.

Sensor (Data Collection)

Micrometer is a simple application metrics facade for the JVM. It has become the defacto standard in the Java ecosystem and is integrated into SpringBoot. Read more on Micrometer at micrometer.io.

Instana supports Micrometer without any additional configuration. The sensor detects Micrometer usage and automatically collects metrics. No additional Maven dependency needed!

All metric graphs will show up on the JVM dashboard.


We are gathering all types of metrics:

Metric type Description
Timer The total time of recorded events scaled to milliseconds
Counter The cumulative count since this counter was created
Gauge The current value
DistributionSummary The total amount of all recorded events
LongTaskTimer The current number of tasks being executed
FunctionCounter The cumulative count since this counter was created
FunctionTimer The total time of all occurrences of the timed event
TimeGauge The current value, scaled to the appropriate base unit

More details for Micrometer metrics.

Tags are contained inside of metric names, concatenated in form of tagname=tagvalue. E.g. in the following screenshot tags are exception=None, method=GET, outcome=SUCCESS, status=200, version=1.0. Timer metric

There are more examples of metrics: Counter metric Timer metric