Sensor (Data Collection)

Tracked Configuration

  • Cluster Version
  • Server Version
  • ID
  • Name
  • Leader id
  • State
  • Started at


  • Requests
  • Traffic
  • Storage
  • Operations

Health Signatures

Health Description
Member’s leader Detect if a member does not have a leader (unavailable)
Leader changes Frequent leader changes detected
Proposal ratio analysis Detects unusual fall of applied proposals and unusual rise of pending and failed proposals
File descriptors usage Detects high usage of open file descriptors
Disk operations Detects high disc operation latencies
Snapshot duration Detects high duration of saving a snapshot


If the etcd node is configured with SSL, the sensor needs to use CA certificate, client certificate and key in order to collect metrics. It uses trusted-ca-file argument value (directory) as a location to find these files, unless overridden in the agent configuration:

  caCertificate: '' # path to CA certificate (eg. /etc/etcd/ca.crt)
  clientCertificate: '' # path to client certificate (eg. /etc/etcd/client.crt)
  clientKey: '' # path to client key (eg. /etc/etcd/client.key)

When the agent starts and discovers an Etcd where the certificates have not been supplied, the Instana agent will log this message:

Cannot get content from 
Received fatal alert: bad_certificate.