Sensor (Data Collection)

Tracked Configuration

  • Image
  • Command
  • Created at
  • Started at
  • ID
  • Names
  • Ports
  • Network Mode
  • Storage Driver
  • Version
  • Labels

Get Container Info option fetches complete Docker container info for a running container. It is similar to docker inspect command output.


Metric Description
Network Network rx (received) and tx (transmitted) bytes, packets, errors and dropped
CPU usage Total, system and user usage
CPU throttling Throttling time and count
Memory active The amount of anonymous and cache active memory
Memory inactive The amount of anonymous and cache inactive memory
Memory total Total cache and rss
Memory usage Usage and Max usage
Block IO Read and write

For more info on Docker metrics, please take a look at Docker Runtime metrics.

Health Signatures

Health Description
Memory Exhausted Container memory usage is getting closer to memory limit

Agent Installation

Get the agent running in your Docker environment by visiting our Docker Agent Installation Docs.