Installing the Instana on Pivotal Platform

The Instana agent tile for Pivotal Platform

IMPORTANT: This page is relevant for you only if you use Pivotal Platform (formerly known as Pivotal Cloud Foundry, or PCF), as opposed to open source Cloud Foundry. If you are using open source Cloud Foundry or any other deployments directly on BOSH, head over to the Installing the Instana Agent on BOSH page.

The Instana agent is packaged for Pivotal Platform as a tile, which is packaged software that can be integrated into Pivotal Platform. Operators install tiles on their Pivotal Platform foundations, and developers use these services once they are installed.

The Instana tile, called “Instana Microservices Application Monitoring for Pivotal Platform”, is available from Pivotal Network. It provides full automation in deploying and managing the Instana agent across an entire Pivotal Platform foundation, including service instances spawned by other tiles, see Supported Versions for more information.

Installing the Instana agent tile in Ops Manager

For information on how to download and install the Instana tile, see the Pivotal documentation website.

License types

The Instana tile is automatically configured to use APM licenses on Diego cells (the hosts in your foundation that run your Cloud Foundry applications), and INFRASTRUCTURE licenses everywhere else.