Cloud Foundry and Pivotal Cloud Foundry

Supported Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) Versions

  • 2.3
  • 2.4
  • 2.5
  • 2.6

Supported Stemcells

The Instana agent tile for PCF

The Instana agent is packaged for Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) as a PCF Tile. Tiles are packaged software that can be integrated into PCF. PCF operators can install tiles on PCF, and PCF developers can then use these services once they are installed.

The Instana tile, called “Instana Microservices Application Monitoring for PCF”, is available from Pivotal Network. It provides full automation in deploying and managing the Instana agent across an entire PCF foundation, including Virtual Machines spawned by other tiles like Pivotal’s RabbitMQ for PCF tile.

Installing the Instana agent tile in OpsManager

The documentation for downloading and installing the Instana tile is available on the Pivotal documentation website.

Monitoring Services

The Instana agents deployed across the foundation detect and monitor the processes running on them, such as the RabbitMQ server nodes that power the cf services offered to Cloud Foundry applications. Some are automatically monitored, with the Instana agent automatically finding out the credentials and settings. Those not automatically monitored, can be configured manually via the custom agent configuration facilities of the Instana tile.

The Instana tile knows how to automatically configure the agent to monitor:

More to come! If there is some time you would like to see automatically configured, let us know by opening a feature request in our support portal.

License types

The Instana tile is automatically configured to use APM licenses on Diego cells (the hosts in your foundation that run your Cloud Foundry applications), and INFRASTRUCTURE licenses everywhere else.

Installing the Instana agent BOSH release on Cloud Foundry

Coming soon!

Tracing Cloud Foundry applications

The tracing of different runtimes like Java, Node.js and Python, has the same requirements as the same runtimes running on other platforms. Tracing .NET Core and PHP applications are not yet supported.

There are no special requirements in terms of buildpacks, as the Instana agent uses its own discovery mechanisms to instrument the processes spawned by the buildpacks inside the Garden containers.