Azure SQL Elastic Pool

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Sensor (Data Collection)

Tracked Configuration

Details Description
Name Elastic pool name
Resource Group The resource group of the elastic pool
Location Elastic pool location
Subscription Id The subscription ID of the elastic pool
Maximum Size The storage limit for the elastic pool in bytes
State The state of the elastic pool (Creating, Disabled, Ready)
Zone Redundant Whether or not the elastic pool is zone redundant, which means the replicas of the elastic pool will be spread across multiple availability zones
SKU Pricing tier (SKU)
Database Details Description
Name Database name
Location Database location
Max Size The max size of the database expressed in bytes
Status The status of the database
SKU Pricing Tier (SKU)


Metric Unit Aggregation Description
eDTU Limit Count Average Total eDTU utilization of the elastic pool
eDTU Used Count Average eDTU utilization of the elastic pool
eDTU Percentage Percent Average eDTU utilization percentage
CPU Percentage Percent Average CPU resources consumed by all database sessions
Storage Limit Bytes Average Total storage size
Storage Used Bytes Average Used storage size
Storage Percentage Percent Average Used storage percentage
Data IO Percent Average Data I/O utilization
Log IO Percent Average Log I/O utilization
Workers Percent Average Concurrent workers (requests) of the elastic pool service tier limit by the Microsoft Azure SQL Elastic Pool
Sessions Percent Average Concurrent sessions of the elastic pool service tier limit
In-memory OLTP Storage Percent Average In-memory OLTP Storage (XTP Storage)
vCore Limit Percent Average Total number of available vCores
vCore Used Percent Average Used vCores

* eDTU metrics are available only for DTU-based resources

** vCore metrics are available only for vCore-based resources

Health Checks

The Azure SQL Elastic Pool sensor will conduct custom health checks and execute them every minute. If the checks fail for at least one minute, an issue will be raised to inform the user.

Health Description
eDTU The total eDTU utilization for Azure SQL Elastic Pool is getting closer to max eDTU limit. Warning limit is at 75% and the critical limit is at 85% of the eDTU utilization


Metrics are pulled every minute, which is the resolution Azure provides for monitoring of these services.