Azure CosmosDB

Azure Cosmos DB is Microsoft’s globally distributed, multi-model database service. Instana supports monitoring per collection metrics and depending on the used model, we also support the monitoring of model specific metrics per collection.

Data is organized in a drill-down fashion with 4 levels of metrics. At the top, you can see aggregated instance metrics. These metrics apply to the whole CosmosDb instance.

Next level is per-region metrics. Region metrics are aggregated over all collections that exist inside that region, but it also contains inter-region traffic and other traffic. This means that the numbers you will see per region will be a bit higher than the sum of traffic in all collections in that region.

The third level becomes visible once you expand a region. Here you can see per collection metrics. Based on the data model, each collection will have additional metrics that you can see by expanding the collection view.

The frequency we collect metrics is dictated by Azure Monitor SDK.

Learn about the other Azure service support on our Azure docs.

Sensor (Data Collection)

Tracked Configuration

List of static information per CosmosDB instance.

CosmosDB Details Description
Name The name of the CosmosDB instance.
Resource Group The resource group of the CosmosDB instance.
Location The main region where the instance is located
Subscription Id The subscription ID of the CosmosDB instance.
State Current deployment state of the instance.
API Document model type (GlobalDB, Cassandra or MongoDB)
Type Document type
Kind Indicates the type of database account
Endpoint Database endpoint


The first level of metrics aggregated for the whole CosmosDB instance.

CosmosDB Instance Metric Description Granularity
Document Count Number of documents that exist in the whole instance 5 minutes
Service Availability Expressed in % 1 hour
Total Requests Total number of all requests 1 minute
Metadata Requests Total number of metadata requests 1 minute
Read Latency 1 minute
Write Latency 1 minute


Per-region metrics contain aggregated data for all collections in that region plus metrics that happen on region levels like inter-region metrics or metadata requests.

Region Metrics Granularity
Total Requests 1 minute
Metadata Requests 1 minute
Document Count 5 minute


Each region has one or more collections. Each collection has a set of metrics that will be available regardless of the document model:

Collection Metrics Description Granularity
Total Requests Number of total requests 1 minute
Metadata Requests Number of metadata requests 1 minute
Document Count Number of documents stored in this collection 5 minutes
Data Usage Number of bytes used to store all documents 5 minutes
Index Usage Total amount of storage available 5 minutes
Document Quota Total amount of storage available for storing documents 5 minutes
Status codes Metrics of total requests per status code 1 minute

Based on the document model (API) there are some additional metrics that we collect:


Collection Metrics Description Granularity
Resource type Requests per resource type 1 minute

Mongo DB

Collection Metrics Description Granularity
Command type Requests per command type 1 minute
Error code Requests per error code 1 minute