To provide visibility and insight into Amazon Web Services based cloud environments, Instana automatically discovers and monitors your AWS services. Our agent can itself be easily installed in your AWS infrastructure.

Amazon Web Services monitoring will:

  • Provide realtime insights into metadata, configuration, metrics
  • Watch the health of each service and alert on issues
  • Enable service discovery leveraging service information (see Service Configuration)
  • Place this insight within the context of the rest of your infrastructure/services

Due to the nature of the AWS CloudWatch API, delays in metrics retrieval are possible. To ensure consistent numbers for acquired metrics displayed values will also be delayed. This delay depends on the actual AWS service and availability of data at that time, but usually will be around 10 minutes.

The default metric retrieval rates are described on each service page below, their values are AWS defined defaults.

Agent Installation & Configuration

Learn more about getting started with the Instana AMI on our AWS Agent Installation docs. For each service you will need to add the required permissions noted below on the individual service pages. To exclude a service from monitoring just leave out the respective permission.

Another way to exclude a service from monitoring is to add appropriate enabled flag in <agent_install_dir>/etc/instana/configuration.yml as described on the individual service pages below.

Filtering and tagging

AWS services discovery can be filtered by tags. It is possible to configure those filters for complete AWS subscription via agent configuration in <agent_install_dir>/etc/instana/configuration.yaml by:

Available options in the configuration file are:
    # Comma separated list of tags in key:value format
    # Comma separated list of tags in key:value format

Multiple tags can be defined, separated by a comma. Tags should be provided as a key-value pair separated by :. In order to make configuration easier, it is possible to define which tags you want to include in discovery or exclude from discovery. In case of defining tag in both lists (include and exclude), exclude list has higher priority. If there is no need for services filtering, the configuration should not be defined. It’s not mandatory to define all values in order to enable filtering.

Users are able to specify how often sensors will poll the AWS tagged resources using the tagged-servies-poll-rate configuration property (default 300 seconds).

To define how often sensors will poll the tagged resources use following configuration:
  tagged-servies-poll-rate: 60 #default 300

To include services by tags into discovery use following configuration:
    include_tags: # Comma separated list of tags in key:value format (e.g. env:prod,env:staging)

To exclude services by tags from discovery use following configuration:
    exclude_tags: # Comma separated list of tags in key:value format (e.g. env:dev,env:test)

Discovery filtering can be configured on the service level also. In that case, the default configuration would be overridden. For more details about discovery filtering by specific service please visit specified service documentation.

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