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Sensor (Data Collection)

Tracked Configuration

  • Endpoint address
  • ARN
  • Region
  • Creation time
  • Message Retention Period
  • Max Message Size
  • Visibility Timeout
  • Last Modified Timestamp


  • Number of messages delayed
  • Number of messages not visible
  • Number of messages visible
  • Number of messages empty receives
  • Number of messages receives
  • Number of messages sent
  • Age of oldest message
  • Sent message size

Required Permissions

  • cloudwatch:GetMetricStatistics
  • cloudwatch:GetMetricData
  • sqs:ListQueues
  • sqs:GetQueueAttributes
  • sqs:ListQueueTags


Metrics for SQS are pulled every 5 minutes, this can be changed via agent configuration in <agent_install_dir>/etc/instana/configuration.yml:
  cloudwatch_period: 300

To disable monitoring of SQS instances use the following configuration:
  enabled: false


Please note that tags are currently only available in conjunction with the dedicated AWS Instana agent, described here AWS Agent Installation docs. More detail on using tags is described here.