Amazon Elasticsearch Service

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Sensor (Data Collection)

Tracked Configuration

Elasticsearch Details

  • Domain Arn
  • Domain Name
  • Grouping zone (region)


  • Cluster statuses: Green, Yellow, Red
  • Number of nodes
  • Number of searchable and deleted documents
  • The maximum percentage of CPU resources used for data nodes in the cluster
  • Free storage for cluster
  • Cluster used space
  • Cluster indicator for accepting/blocking incoming write requests (clusterindexwrites_blocked)
  • JVM memory pressure
  • Automated snapshot failure metrics
  • Number of requests with HTTP status codes
  • Search latency, average time that it takes a shard to complete a search operation
  • The remaining CPU credits available for data nodes in the cluster

For more information refer to Amazon Elasticsearch Metrics and Dimensions.

Required Permissions

  • cloudwatch:GetMetricData
  • cloudwatch:GetMetricStatistics
  • cloudwatch:GetMetricData
  • es:ListDomainNames
  • es:ListTags
  • es:DescribeElasticsearchDomain


Metrics for Elasticsearch are pulled every 5 minutes, this can be changed via agent configuration in <agent_install_dir>/etc/instana/configuration.yml:
  cloudwatch_period: 300

To disable monitoring of Elasticsearch instances use the following configuration:
  enabled: false


Please note that tags are currently only available in conjunction with the dedicated AWS Instana agent, described here AWS Agent Installation docs. More detail on using tags is described here.