Apache HTTPd

Sensor (Data Collection)

Tracked Configuration

  • Version
  • Architecture
  • Started at
  • Workers
  • Ports
  • MPM
  • Modules


  • Traffic (Requests, KBytes)
  • Traffic per Request
  • CPU Load
  • Connections (only with Events MPM and Apache 2.3)
  • Worker Details

Health Signatures

Health Description
Worker Health Number of busy workers is approaching max workers
DNS Lookup Apache child processes are stuck performing DNS lookups
Logging impact Logging is slowing down Apache HTTPd performance


For detailed metrics, the HTTPd status page is requested by the sensor. Here is an example of enabling a HTTPd status page at the location /server-status:

<Location /server-status>
    SetHandler server-status

The Instana sensor will automatically pick up the configuration from the HTTPd. For this reason, you can choose any location for the status page. However, please note that we are not following redirects from the agent for performance reasons.