Apache HTTPd

Metrics collection

Configuration data

  • Version
  • Architecture
  • Started at
  • Workers
  • Ports
  • MPM
  • Modules

Performance metrics

  • Traffic (Requests, KBytes)
  • Traffic per Request
  • CPU Load
  • Connections (only with Events MPM and Apache 2.3)
  • Worker Details

Health signatures

For each sensor, there is a curated knowledgebase of health signatures that are evaluated continuously against the incoming metrics and are used to raise issues or incidents depending on user impact.

Built-in events trigger issues or incidents based on failing health signatures on entities, and custom events trigger issues or incidents based on the thresholds of an individual metric of any given entity.

For information about built-in events for the Apache HTTPd sensor, see the Built-in events reference.


For detailed metrics, the HTTPd status page (mod_status) is required to be enabled in your HTTPd configuration.

Here is an example of enabling a HTTPd status page at the location /server-status:

<Location /server-status>
    SetHandler server-status

The Instana sensor will automatically pick up the configuration from HTTPd. As a result, you can choose any location for the status page but note that redirects won’t be followed for performance reasons.